Take the SCARE out of pet care with unspooky vet visits!

Unspooky vet visits are a high priority for us at Janesville Veterinary Clinic.  No vet visit should be traumatic for our furry family members.  We also can better treat the patient using fear-free techniques.  High stress levels can interfere with our ability to examine a pet, obtain accurate readings, and provide treatment.

Fear-free vet experiences begin at home, before pets even pass through our doors.  Here are some things you can do as a pet owner to help take the “pet” out of “petrified.”


Pull out the cat carrier several days ahead of time, and leave it open with treats inside.  Or take your dog for a few car rides leading up to appointment day.


We use high-value treats, such as peanut butter and hot dogs, to reward your pets during their exam.  It’s really important that your pet comes hungry to their vet visit!


Sounds can set the mood–even for pets!  Consider playing classical music during the drive, and speak with a low calm voice.  High-pitched praise can often increase anxiety.


If you have a really anxious pet, call us ahead of time.  Pharmaceutical and nutraceutical intervention may be advised to supplement your other fear-free efforts.

More Tips

Here are a few more things you can do as a pet owner to help your pet’s vet visit be as stress-free as possible.

Unspooky Vet Visits with Dr. Kelly Unspooky vet visits with Dr. Nicole Unspooky vet visits with Dr. Jennifer Unspooky vet visits with Dr. Mike

The Fear-Free Movement