Dr. Mike, Veterinarian

Dr. Mike

Owner, Veterinarian

As far back as he can remember, Dr. Mike always loved science. While in high school, he was trying to think of a career choice that would allow him to stay firmly attached to his science-based roots while letting him stay in close touch with animals. Veterinary medicine was the perfect combination!

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Dr. Kelly, Veterinarian

Dr. Kelly Tucker

Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Kelly has had a passion for animals for as long as she can remember. Interestingly, she never had pets growing up due to her father having asthma. Her first opportunity to become a pet owner did not occur until the age of 21, when she acquired a black Labrador puppy. It was through her, Dr. Kelly learned firsthand the love and happiness a pet could bring!

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Dr. Jennifer, Veterinarian

Dr. Jennifer Carroll Wieners

Associate Veterinarian

Ever since she was a little girl, Dr. Jennifer loved learning about animals. Her strongest desire was to keep them happy and healthy! Becoming a veterinarian was the best way to combine her passion for animal care with her craving for continued learning.

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Dr. Nicole, Veterinarian

Dr. Nicole

Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Nicole has wanted to become a veterinarian since she job shadowed here at the Janesville Veterinary Clinic for an 8th grade project. She later returned as an Assistant which confirmed she had found her career path.

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