"We are Cat Care Specialists

Yep, that’s right. These unique other-worldly creatures have a language of their own. Our feline friends are stoic, independent, and we’ve never met two that are alike! That’s why we take an individualized approach for our feline patients.

We have made many modifications to both our facility and also our approach to cat patients to elevate the level of care we deliver.

We Cater to Cattitude!

We take extensive notes on each cat patient’s preferences, for both comfort and treatment. Our feline-minded veterinary care team incorporates a “cat’s perspective” into the entire veterinary experience!

We let cat patients roam as they see fit when they visit us. Whether they’re climbing high, or finding refuge in a sink that fits them just right, we value their need to feel in control of their surroundings.

We don’t expect your cat to adjust to a cookie-cutter veterinary experience. From the treats we have on hand, to the custom treatment plans, we build your cat’s veterinary experience around them–not vice versa.

Cat Owners Know Best

Our trained veterinary team is attuned to your cat’s behaviors, vocalizations, body posture and more. We also believe LISTENING to cat owners is key. After all, no one understands your cat more than you. This is why our veterinarians and veterinary technicians spend adequate TIME with you and your cat.

Stress-Free Feline Care

By adjusting our care techniques to your feedback and your cat’s cues, we can better meet your cat’s distinct needs.
Sassy Cats?
We’ll let you meow demands to us and never judge you once.
Aloof Cats?
Sure! We have cat trees you can climb to feel independent.
Scaredy Cats?
Don’t worry–we provide boxes and paper bags to hide in!
You bet! We’ll give you all the snuggles to keep your pur-engine going!
From having favorite treats and toys at hand, to handling techniques and specific sedation needs, we’ll make sure your cat (and you!) have a less stressful veterinary experience.
We know that routine veterinary care is the best way to identify health conditions or diseases in cats, which is why it is so important to have regular examinations. Cats are very adept at disguising and hiding disease, and the sooner we can identify and treat these conditions, the more time you’ll have with your wonderfully unique companion!For tips on how to help make your cat’s veterinary journey more stress-free, click here.