We know surgery can feel like a really big deal when it comes to our beloved pets, and that’s exactly how we treat it. Whether it’s routine, urgent, or a specialty procedure, we treat every single surgical patient like they are our own precious family member.

With over 30 years of AAHA surgical standards under our belt, safety precautions are second nature to us.

Beforehand, we perform blood work, a CBC and chemistry panel, in order to identify potential risk factors that require adjustments to our anesthetic and surgical protocols.

An IV catheter will be placed before the procedure to allow us to deliver anesthetic agents, antibiotics, or other medicine that may be needed, while minimizing any stress for your pet.

We have a veterinary technician 100% dedicated to monitoring your pet’s vitals from start to finish.

That means their sole task is to focus on your pet’s heart rate and other key indicators during the entire surgery.

We use anesthetic gas to more precisely tailor your pet’s dose and make minute-by-minute adjustments.

We also use heat support for every patient, and your pet’s temperature is monitored closely during and after surgery.

Pain management medication is not optional! Your pet will receive pain medication before and after the procedure, so that they will recover faster, with minimal discomfort, and return to their normal routine at home sooner.

Patient comfort is a very high priority for us.

We take care of YOU, the pet owner, during surgery too.

We’re pet owners too, and we understand how even the most routine procedure can be nerve wracking. That’s why we make sure to communicate with you during and after the surgical process. We’ll give you updates and sometimes even send you pictures of your pet to reassure you that they are resting comfortably.

Our post-surgical care is unmatched. We keep your pet comfortable afterwards with medication and lots of snuggles. We aren’t too proud to crawl right in their cages with them! We’ve also been known to carry them around in our pockets or hold them on our laps while we’re working, while they’re waking up.

We provide aftercare instructions in understandable terms and will give you plenty of personalized tips we’ve learned along the way to keep your pet comfortable as they heal at home. We make ourselves available to answer any follow-up questions you have.

We’re here to support you and your pet as you navigate through healing, however long that takes.