If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, then you probably already know… we’re pretty obsessed with treating the “whole” pet. By this, we mean that physical health is only part of the equation.

We believe it’s our obligation as animal lovers to ensure your pet has the best possible experience during their time with us, and that as a pet owner, you feel supported too.

We have Fear-Free Certified Team Members.

Many of us have achieved individual certification through the Fear Free® initiative, which includes over 9 hours of training that’s focused on fostering a low-stress experience for pets and their owners. We also continue to have regular ongoing training in our weekly staff meetings.

So what’s it all about, anyway?

For a long time, veterinary care was focused only on the physical aspect of companion pets. The problem was, anxious pets were producing skewed vital signs during their exams. Moreover, the detached clinical experience left cats and dogs not wanting to return to the vet…like ever.

Thankfully, the philosophy has evolved over the years to understand that treating a pet means the whole pet, including their emotional well being too.

From the first paw step into our clinic, we treat your pet like an individual, not a number.

The Science of Happy Patients
Yes, it truly is a science. Every one of our team members is trained to watch for specific non–verbal cues that indicate your pet needs a customized approach.

When patients cower, keep their tail down, put their ears back, pant excessively, or vocalize themselves uncharacteristically, we are ready to adapt quickly.
Some of the quick adjustments we make include:
Using a low-quiet voice (instead of a higher, happy-to-see-you voice)
Examining nervous pets on the floor at their level
Minimizing restraint with gentle handling techniques
Administering safe, effective medication designed to help your pet relax
Equipping rooms with air diffusers that emit pheromones to give pets the feeling of security and familiarity
Avoiding a stressful “waiting room” experience by taking pets directly to exam rooms when they enter the clinic
Offering the yummiest treats on the animal planet for positive association and distraction, to include peanut butter, hot dogs, and cheez whiz. Basically, extra smell-good treats that your pet doesn't usually get very often
Comforting post-surgical patients with snuggle time as they recover
Providing overflowing baskets of highly-coveted toys for pets that prefer play-distraction
Building extra time into appointments for pets, snuggles, belly rubs, ear scratches–whatever your pet needs!

We’re committed to giving your pet a full concierge experience so they leave happy, wanting to return.

A Game Changing Partnership

Low stress veterinary care is a “whole lifestyle” approach to pet care, which means it begins in the home and in the car on the way to the veterinary appointment, for the best results.

This is where YOU come in—the pet owner!

Our goal is to educate you on ways to help the low-stress experience begin long before it’s time to leave for the vet appointment!

Tips for Cat Owners:

If possible, purchase a cat carrier that opens from the top and/or has an easily removable top. This can make vet visits much less stressful for your feline friend, as we can examine your cat right inside the carrier
Place the carrier in a central area of the home at least 3 days prior to the appointment. Wipe it with pheromone wipes ( Feliway) and place their bed and treats inside. Make their carrier a happy, familiar place. This will make the leaving process much easier for you and them
Cover the carrier to reduce visual stimulation
Administering safe, effective medication designed to help your pet relax
Play calming classical music to decrease anxiety–in both you and your pet!
Speak in a low calm voice. High pitched praise or reaffirmation often increases anxiety
We offer Feliway-infused towels to cover cat carriers upon your arrival, and our cat-specific rooms are also treated with pheromones to help calm your cat
If you have concerns about your cat’s anxiety, talk to us in advance about pre-exam medication

Tips for Dog Owners

Consider using a harness or fixed-length leash. This allows more control during what can be a somewhat anxious visit
Condition your doggie early to enjoy car rides. Start with short drives around the neighborhood. Feed them treats during the journey to make it a positive experience
On the day of your visit with us, feed a small meal in the morning. If they are hungry, your dog will respond better to food rewards during their vet visit
Bring your dog’s favorite toy with them to their appointment
During the car ride, try some calming classical music to soothe your dog’s nerves–and yours!
Speak in a low voice. High-pitched praise can often increase anxiety
If you have an especially anxious dog, let us know in advance. Sometimes we can arrange to examine your pet in the car or in our fenced-in backyard.
If you have concerns about your dog’s anxiety, talk to us in advance about pre-exam medication