We cater to senior pets!

Senior pets require a little extra routine care as they continue to age, and we love rolling out the red carpet for them! We spoil them in every way possible, with warm towels, extra snuggles, and their favorite treats.

We recommend more than one wellness check per year during your pet’s senior years, so we can be extra vigilant. While many pets remain happy and healthy long after they reach their golden years, we want to closely monitor:
Weight loss or gain
Vision loss and cataracts
Hearing loss
Difficulty with mobility
Mood and behavior changes
Appetite loss
Bad breath
House soiling
Lumps, bumps, and cysts
Since your senior dog or cat can’t talk, it’s super important that we evaluate them to make sure they aren’t experiencing unnecessary discomfort. With modern veterinary medicine, there are so many ways we can be proactive and keep them comfortable.

Your pet deserves to enjoy their golden years to the fullest!