Congratulations on your new family member! We’re so excited to meet them!

This is such an exciting time, and it’s also the perfect time to start out on the right paw.

Every year, dogs and cats age the equivalent of 3-10 human years, so early wellness care can make a big impact on your pet’s lifespan. Not only that, but before reaching the adult stage, puppies and kittens face numerous health challenges that require diligence and specialized care.

Your Pet’s First Appointment

There’s a lot to learn with a new puppy or kitten, so in the first appointment, we’ll conduct a complete physical exam and answer any questions you may have about your new pet:
What you should expect from your new pet
Nutrition & feeding schedule
Behavior enrichment needs/exercise
Obedience training resources
Vaccination schedule
Parasite Control.
And more!
Each new puppy and kitten receives a package of materials that includes information on obedience and housetraining, dental care, pet insurance, and more.

Our staff will schedule appropriate follow-up visits, and the number and length of those visits will vary, depending on your pet’s particular needs. After all, we treat every pet we see like an individual.

If this is your first time partnering with us on pet health, please be sure to visit our New Clients page.