Dr. Mike and I have been together nearly 24 years and have two children and 3 cats.  We both have extremely busy careers so making it “all work” can be quite taxing!

Like all parents, we want our kids to grow up loving to eat real food, as well as knowing how to cook it.  This is a challenge in today’s age of drive thru’s and prepackaged meals.

Over the years, I’ve found ways to achieve a healthier family lifestyle despite our busy professional lives.  The result has been eating dinner together every night in a stress free zone and enjoying homemade food.  Our kids ask what’s for dinner most nights and even ask to help cook!

Hopefully some of the healthy tips I’ve learned along the way will make things run more smoothly in your household too!

I’m excited to occasionally share tips and recipes with you that have already passed the test of approval in my own family!

Sweet Potato Brownies…because healthier pet owners makes healthier pets!

Here’s one of our favorites: Sweet Potato Brownies

Notes: The sweet potato (you can also use pumpkin or butternut squash) adds moisture and TONS of vitamin A.  The cinnamon, cocoa, and coconut oil are natural anti-inflammatories for the body.  You may also kick this up a notch (or 10) with ancho chili powder (like a tsp).

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