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Who doesn’t like soups and stews on a cold rainy spring day?!  This healthier Irish Stew recipe is great for busy moms because it’s a one-pot meal. I recently made this on a weekend and used our garage as a second refrigerator.  I stored the stew out in the cold garage, and we enjoyed easier meals all week!

Coconut milk is a staple in our house since some of us are sensitive to dairy.  It’s much easier to digest, not to mention yummy!   We’ve been using it for over 5 years now, and we order it by the case!  There are so many great uses for coconut milk, like a homemade whipped cream alternative, since it hardens when cool.

Arrowroot is a GMO-free, corn-free alternative to cornstarch.  It’s flavorless and thickens soups and broths well.

We buy all of our meat in bulk from local, organic, pasture-raised farms.  We have visited the farms multiple times so know first-hand that the animals are treated humanely, are free range, and are not treated with antibiotics.  We attempt to get our meat as unprocessed as possible, but as far as bacon and ham, we avoid added nitrates/nitrites.  Often on the label you’ll see “cured with… and those ingredients”.  The best meat is cured with sea salt only.

This recipe is a great way to use up Easter ham, and it freezes well too!  I have also made this with ground Italian pork sausage instead of ham, and it’s delicious!

Click below to access the recipe on our Pinterest page, and be sure to post your feedback and variations after you try it out!


About Coconut Milk

Natural Value organic coconut milk

  • Up to ¾ of the population may be sensitive to dairy and experiences skin breakouts, GI distress or headaches
  • Coconut Milk is 17-19 percent milk fat
  • Many brands you buy in the store are watered down, flavored, and loaded with unhealthy ingredients.
  • Buy full fat cans of coconut milk without guar gum (which is a thickener used to make it look pretty and creamy)
  • The brand “Natural Value” is unsweetened and the only ingredient is coconut milk.  Period.
  • Try to make sure there is a BPA-free liner on the can itself.

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