Consistent Training

We think of our clinic as a family, and we have weekly training sessions to ensure that each member of our team is consistent.  For example, our staff members follow a certain protocol for using treats during appointments.  This helps ensure your pet has a warm and familiar experience every time he or she visits us, regardless of who is working that day.

Just like with our clinic “family”, it’s important all members of your family are on the same page with training your dog.  Help reinforce why consistency is so important.  Allowing a certain behavior “every now and then” sets your dog up to get in trouble at a later time.  Involve children in the training process so boundaries and incentives are consistent with each family member.   Brainstorm a reward system with the whole family, and teach kids how to redirect a dog instead of just saying “No.”  We have a great kid-family chart on training tips that you can access on our Pinterest page.

Dr. Mike