Submitted by Cheryl and Vickie Bliss

We have seen VSMT work on our 4-year old Lacey who injured herself last February after the big ice storm when our backyard was ALL ice.  ADr. Jennifer doing VSMTt first we though it was her back left leg, as she had a severe limp.  Her tail was drooping and she was whimpering.  It was too painful for her to sit, lay down, or get up.  In order to stand to go to the bathroom, her back legs shook.  She had to do a bunny hop to go down our outside steps.  She didn’t run or play and could no longer jump on the couch or our beds.

We took Lacey in to see Dr. Jennifer who happened to also be certified in Veterinary Spinal Manipulation Therapy (VSMT).  Dr. Jennifer started Lacey on a treatment plan that consisted of therapy two times/month for the first four months, and once/month after that.

After just three months, Lacey could lay down easier and started wagging her tail again.  By September, she was running and playing a little bit.  Once day she jumped on the bed again, which was the first time since her injury.

Lacey happy to see her VSMT doctor

Today Lacey is back to herself, running up and down the steps.  She jumps on the couch and beds with ease.  She runs and plays, and she can jump up and catch the ball again.  She can even do a full body shake and sit and lay down without pain.

Dr. Jennifer and her staff were great and knew how much to push Lacey.  They were gentle and understanding of how to treat her.  Thanks to Dr. Jennifer’s VSMT treatment, we finally have our Lacey back!

From Dr. Jennifer:

VSMT certified

“It brings a huge smile to my face and fills my heart with joy when I see my patients get back to doing what they love to do and having happy families!  I love having another tool in my ‘treatment tool box’ that helps our fur kiddos get back to their happy place. It’s amazing what the body can do when in it’s the correct balance. Lacey is a great girl who always makes me smile and her owners were a huge part of getting her back to her smiling, happy Lacey self!”



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