Why Pet-Only Appointments

In the Spring, the Janesville Veterinary Clinic transitioned to pet-only vet appointments as part our comprehensive response to COVID-19.  Our priority is the health and safety of our employees and their families, our patients, and our community as a whole.  As we cannot practice adequate social distancing in our exam rooms, we continue to follow our pet-only policy as COVID persists.

We understand how difficult it is for people to turn their pets over to us at the door.  We are pet parents too!  Please know that we treat your pets like our own.  We have the same love, adoration, and concern for their level of anxiety.

Fear Free Pet-Only Vet Visits

Our fear-free certified staff are committed to using a variety of techniques to make your pet’s vet appointment a positive experience.  We pamper your pets with extra attention, cuddling, high-value treats, and fear-free techniques—even when you’re not there.  Our more timid clients are actually benefitting from the pet-only appointments, as there is less commotion in the waiting rooms.  On our fear-free tips page, pet owners can learn additional techniques that can help pets before their appointments.

We’re In This Together!

Thank you to our pet owners for your patience during this time.  Although we miss seeing and talking with pet owners face to face, pet-only appointments have enabled us to see more clients throughout the day.  While it’s not ideal, we are staying focused on keeping everyone healthy.

Keeping our doors open so we can keep serving our patients is our top priority!

We ask that pet owners call us from the parking lot upon arrival to check-in. A staff person will come get your pet and escort it to an exam room at the time of its appointment. After the exam, your doctor will call you to summarize how the exam went, answer questions, and discuss recommendations.