Lobby Closed Indefinitely - IMG 9043Recently, we’ve had clients ask us about why we haven’t re-opened our lobby now that Covid has subsided, so we thought we’d elaborate for everyone!


As many of you know, we place a high value on stress-free veterinary medicine, and many of our team members are fear-free certified.  This means we implement strategies and techniques to help your pet have a more positive emotional experience during their vet visit.  Research has shown that calm pets produce more accurate test results.  Plus our furry family members just plain deserve to be comfortable and happy whenever possible!

During Covid, our veterinary practice had to make drastic changes to protocols, practically overnight.  We couldn’t just close our doors because the pets in our community needed us.  For everyone’s safety, we began taking many new precautions, one of which was shutting down our lobby.  This ensured our clients weren’t putting themselves at greater risk just to have their sick pets treated, and it protected our team members too.

What We Learned

Closing our lobbies had an unexpected, positive result.  Before long, we noticed our patients were less stressed during their exams, and not just a little.  A LOT.  They began exhibiting cues indicating they were more relaxed than usual.  Their ears were floppier, tails were wagging more, there were extra happy dances, and more purring & affectionate feline nudges.   This became the new norm, day after day, month after month. 

While closing our waiting rooms was an adjustment for the humans, pets were happier because of it.  No more strange new animals to see or smell.  By taking them straight from their owners’ vehicles to the exam rooms, we were cutting out the lobby time and all the unintended stressors that brewed there.


Choosing to not reopen the lobby post-Covid was an easy decision.  We have always been all about what is best for our patients.  We want each and every critter that visits us to have the most positive experience possible.  With the lobby closed, your pets will enjoy their visit more and want to come back.  There are also fewer muzzles, and our team members are less likely to be bitten.  Most importantly, calmer patients mean we can practice even better medicine.

In addition to our on-site fear-free measures, there are plenty of things you can do as a pet owner as well.  Check out our past Unspooky Vet Visits for tips on how to reduce anxiety triggers at home and in transport to us.  

Together, we can continue to improve the veterinary experience.  We remain grateful to be partnering with you on your pet’s well being!

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