October 2018's Pet of the Month is Lady!


13 years old


Her 2 humans…Darcie and Marnay. And her 7yr old Golden Retreiver brother, Trey and her 1 year old Golden Retreiver sister Harper Jo.

How did she come into your life?

Lady came into our lives about 2 yrs ago when her former humans no longer wanted her. We say, we rescued her. They didn’t abuse her, they forgot about her. They would go outside and play and leave her in the house. They would go for walks and leave her in the house. They would go on vacation and leave her at home by herself. She was the most lifeless dog I had seen. She just hung her head, no wag in her tail, no life in her eyes. These people lived next door to my parents and he kept trying to give her to them. My mom asked us to take her, but we already had 2 dogs. He then threatened to “take out to a field…”. When we went to pick up on for a trial week, we got nothing but her. No collar, no leash, no dishes, no toys, no vet papers. She did good with our 2 dogs and by the next morning we knew they weren’t getting her back. Her toenails hadnt been kept trimmed and when we finally got vet papers, they hadn’t had her to a vet in almost 8 years! We also found out that in 3 shorts weeks was her 11th birthday! Lady came with a few bad habits that probably came from having to fend for herself. She was a counter surfer and a garbage picker. Those habits weren’t hard to break once she realized she was going to get fed on a regular basis. Her former humans ask about her from time to time, but they will never know what a treasure they gave away! She is the sweetest, most loving, expressive dog ever, and she is now a very happy dog!

Significance of her name, if any:

Lady was given her name by her former humans, but we like to call her Ladybug!!

Favorite treat:

Lady loves any treat that we give her! She is not fussy!

Most memorable thing your pet has ever done:

The second day we had her, we got out the kiddie pool for them to play in. Lady sat as far away as she could with her head hung down like the saddest dog in the world. It took me about a half hour to get her to come to the pool and get in. Once I finally got her in, I gave her a tennis ball and she just stood in the pool, wagging her tail with that ball in her mouth for what seemed like forever! She got to go swimming!!

Funny or unusual habit:

When Lady gets excited, she likes to go between your legs and wants her butt petted. It doesn’t matter who it is or if you want her to do it or not. If she wants to go between…she’s going!!

If your pet had a job/profession, what would it be?

I think that knowing how sweet and gentle she can be…maybe a therapy dog!

If your pet could speak one sentence out loud, what would she say?

I love you!!

Anything else you’d like to share:

After having 3 dogs from puppyhood, and then getting Lady as a rescue and at almost 11 years old, I can say without a doubt that I will never have a puppy again. The love you get from a rescue dog is undescribable. I will only have rescue dogs and whatever issues they have, ever again!