October 2017's Pet of the Month is Roady!


Mom: Terri  Brother: Bullet  Sister: Ranger


7 years

How did he come into your life?  

Roady came from the Humane Society as a kitten.

Significance of his name, if any:  

I named him Roady because we live down the road from the Humane Society.

Favorite treat:

No treats for Roady! He just likes cat food to eat. 

Funny or unusual habit:

A fun thing he likes to do is drink and play at the faucet and play in bags.

If your pet had a job/profession, what would it be?

If Roady had a profession it would be as a baseball player. He is great at batting his sparkle balls in the air. 

Anything else you’d like to share: 

Roady is very smart. He likes to take his balls into the bathtub and play in there with them. He is just a very loving and playful cat who is very accommodating to all the feral cats that we take in. He is a wonderful loyal friend.