May 2016's Pet of the Month is Talon!

Photo credit to Matt Anderson Photography


Lucky owner/s:

Ted Jappert

How old is he?

2 years, 1 month old

How did he come into your life?

My friend Ashlie kept telling me I needed a dog because I had that great big fenced yard and wasn’t doing anything with it.  Not just any dog though, but a bulldog because he fits me perfect.

What’s the significance of his name?

The breeder named him and there just wasn’t any reason to change it.

What’s his favorite treat?

Anything… and I do mean anything!

What is the most memorable thing your pet has ever done?

He destroyed 3 couches!

The funniest things he does?

When he runs and his whole body flops, and on the rare occasion he barks.  A good roll in the grass is always entertaining.

If your pet had a job/profession, what would it be?

Clown, or therapist.  He always makes people smile and laugh.

If your pet could speak one sentence out loud, what would he say?

Please hold still while I sit on you.

Best friends:

Nicole C. and Elin D.


Chunky Butt