May 2020's Pet of the Month is Luci Fur!



How did he come into your life?

Luci was an accident. Our parents had two “female” cats – Cupcake and Mem. One day, Mem, who was very young herself, started giving birth. Mem had one kitten which our parents named “Lucy”. As it turns out, Cupcake was not a female. When “Lucy” came to live with us, we were very excited to have a little girl kitty as we’ve always had boys. One day, my daughter said “Mom, I really don’t think Lucy is a girl”. As it turns out, he was not.

Significance of his name, if any:

Lucy became Luci Fur after we found out he was not a little girl kitty. He already knew his name so we just expanded on it. 

Favorite treat:

Luci Fur likes his catnip! But, he wants a bite of a French Fry whenever we have them. He loves his fries!

Most memorable thing your pet has ever done:

We’ve only had Luci Fur for 6 months but he’s funny when it comes to the baby gates in between rooms. He refuses to jump over them without trying to squeeze through them first. He’s too big now to fit through. Also, he likes to play this flop game where he’ll do a somersault over and over again and you are to pet him when he lands on his back. But, he will only do this with someone who is in the bathroom. 

Funny or unusual habit:

Luci Fur likes to open dresser drawers and pull all of the clothes out so he can sleep in the drawer.

If your pet had a job/profession, what would it be?

Luci Fur would be a spy. He’s very sneaky!

If your pet could speak one sentence out loud, what would he say?

Stop touching me!

Anything else you’d like to share:

Luci Fur is a mixed cat. He’s got a little bit of Maine Coon in him but he’s tiny with short legs. He’s also got the biggest feet that I’ve ever seen on a cat!