May 2018's Pet of the Month is Fudge and Carmel!


Paul is the owner of Fudge and Ivy is the owner of Carmel


5 year old brothers

How did they come into your life?

We adopted Carmel and Fudge after losing our much loved older kitties to old age.

Significance of their names, if any:

This is what happens when you let young children name their pets!

Favorite treat:

Easter baskets, Science Fair projects, and waffles off Ivy’s plate when she isn’t looking. They also enjoy traditional feline greenies cat treats.

Funny or unusual habit:

These cats are crazy! They don’t mind riding in the car. They LOVE water! This includes drinking it and trying to join in shower or bath time with their humans. Most cats run away when the doorbell rings. These furry juvenile delinquents run to the door! They love strangers and children. Dogs are “ok” too! They hope to successfully catch mice someday.

If your pets had a job/profession, what would it be?

Fudge would like to be a professional soccer player. Carmel would LOVE to be a successful “lap sitter.” They would like to also consider becoming feline sibling business entrepreneurs and open their own catnip business.

If your pets could speak one sentence out loud, what would they say?

Can I have more attention please!

Anything else you’d like to share:

We love our kittens! It was fun when they were little. They were able to wear doll clothes, ride in the shopping cart, and play in the dollhouse. They are the sweetest kittens ever, and we love them a lot!