June 2021's Pet of the Month is Carson!



How did he come into your life?

We talked about getting a dog and found him at a pet rescue here in Wisconsin. He originally came from a shelter in Kentucky.

Significance of his name, if any:

We named him after the funniest man we knew that always brought a smile to the world “Johnny Carson”!

Favorite treat:

Peanut butter

Most memorable thing your pet has ever done:

We took him fishing with us. We got him in the boat but couldn’t get him out.

Funny or unusual habit:

We have such a precise routine for bedtime . . basically the same every night, and if we stray from it even by an hour he starts panting loudly, runs to bedroom then back out as if to say hey its bedtime!

If your pet had a job/profession, what would it be?

A comedian because he is too funny!

If your pet could speak one sentence out loud, what would he say?

Give me food!

Anything else you’d like to share: 

Carson has definitely put a lot of happiness in our family; I believe he was meant to be with us. He understands everything we say…its funny how we can talk to him like a human and he just knows. If anyone wants a dog try the shelters and pet rescues..you may just get lucky with a lifelong friend.