February 2021's Pet of the Month is Gigi Marie!


Mommy (Tracy) and daddy (Ken)  siblings: Belle the kitty, Gus the hedgehog, Max & Ruby the sugar gliders and Pip the tortoise


Three and a half years old

How did she come into your life?

Paddy’s Paws Rescue, an organization that rescues dogs from TX.  We call her our tiny Texan.

Significance of her name, if any:

We wanted a small and sassy name because she is a small and sassy dog!

Favorite treat:

Pup cups from Dairy Queen and Greenies.

Most memorable thing your pet has ever done:  

She did not run away when I accidentally tried to walk her without a leash, a HUGE accomplishment, she used to be a runner!

Funny or unusual habit: 

She buries her food all over the house, and also gets SO excited when daddy talks to her on the phone.

If your pet had a job/profession, what would it be?

Guard dog!  No one best come near our house or car!

If your pet could speak one sentence out loud, what would she say?

Thank you for rescuing me, can we go to Dairy Queen now?

Anything else you’d like to share:

It is hard to believe she used to be a street dog in TX.  She is a little diva.  She is moody.  She is a snuggle monster, and loves snuggles with her daddy the best. She likes playing with her kitty sister Belle (even if Belle is the boss) Her favorite activities are going bye bye, going on walks, and playing with squeaky toys.  She highly dislikes the mailman and all delivery trucks that dare come to our house!  She also loves Dr. Jennifer, especially when Dr. Jennifer does Chiropractic care on her!