August 2016's Pet of the Month is TLee!


Aaron and Beth McGovern

How old is she?

6 years old

How did she come into your life?

I received a call from a rescue in July 2012 asking if I would foster an ex-bait dog named Teacup from the Safe Humane Court Case dog program in Chicago. I, of course, said yes and we received our new furbaby on July 7, 2012. A few months later I became a foster failure and adopted our sweet girl to make sure she always knew love for the rest of her life. I might have rescued her from a horrible life, but she really rescued me.

Significance of her name, if any:

Her name was Teacup when we got her. I named her Teacup Lee Beans and we call her TLee for short. I am a big Motley Crue fan and wanted to somehow name her after one of the band members. So TLee (even tho she is a girl) was a no brainer since TLee is short for Tommy Lee 🙂

Favorite treat:

TLee does this weird happy dance when she gets sweet potato treats. It is absolutely hysterical. And steak! When we go out to dinner I always cut my steak in half so the minute I get home she can have a few pieces. Like I said. Diva.

Most memorable thing your pet has ever done:

While we were dog sitting my daughter’s two huge rotties TLee became BFF’s with Tinkerbell who was easily 150lbs. TLee would follow Tink around the house, always having to be right next to her. Every day I would find TLee sleeping on top of Tink.

Funny or unusual habit:  

TLee is a huge snuggle bug. Always giving kisses…..except when she knows you are leaving the house. She turns her head away from you when you try and give her kisses goodbye. Such a diva.

If your pet had a job/profession, what would it be?

TLee could definitely be an actress. Huge diva. Huge.

If your pet could speak one sentence out loud, what would she say?

”Really, mom?” everytime I try and put dog clothes on her.

Anything else you’d like to share:

Although she had a rough start in life being used a bait dog.  She is loved so much. Thank so much for voting my baby girl as the Pet of the Month!