Dr. Mike

About Dr. Mike

As far back as he can remember, Dr. Mike always loved science. While in high school, he was trying to think of a career choice that would allow him to stay firmly attached to his science-based roots while letting him stay in close touch with animals. Veterinary medicine was the perfect combination!

Tips for Fear-Free Veterinary Visit

Our goal is to help provide your pet with a fear-free veterinary experience.  We have fear-free certified professionals on staff, and we employ dozens of techniques to ensure your pet is cared for emotionally as well as physically during his/her vet visit.  There are a lot of things you can do as a pet-owner, too, [...]

Healthier Irish Stew

Healthier pets start with healthier pet owners! Who doesn’t like soups and stews on a cold rainy spring day?!  This healthier Irish Stew recipe is great for busy moms because it’s a one-pot meal. I recently made this on a weekend and used our garage as a second refrigerator.  I stored the stew out in the cold [...]

Healthier Brownies Using Sweet Potatoes

Dr. Mike and I have been together nearly 24 years and have two children and 3 cats.  We both have extremely busy careers so making it "all work" can be quite taxing! Like all parents, we want our kids to grow up loving to eat real food, as well as knowing how to cook it.  [...]

On Being Consistent

Consistent Training We think of our clinic as a family, and we have weekly training sessions to ensure that each member of our team is consistent.  For example, our staff members follow a certain protocol for using treats during appointments.  This helps ensure your pet has a warm and familiar experience every time he or [...]

Feeding Treats

January is Train Your Dog Month! We advise our clients to bring their dogs in to pet visits hungry because pets are more motivated to “earn” treats with positive behavior. The same is true at home. If you are feeding a dog positive reward treats too often, he or she can be less motivated to respond [...]

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