Acupuncture for Arabelle Blu:  A Happy Tail

Submitted by: Sharon Dilley

Arabelle Blu during treatment.

At just 5 years old, our Great Dane Arabelle Blu started showing pain in her hind quarters when trying to get up on the bed or couch.  Even touching her hips would result in a cry of pain.

X-rays showed disk deterioration which was making it difficult for her to do these once simple tasks.

The vet we were seeing thought Arabelle would benefit from acupuncture; however, we were concerned about Arabelle having to endure long car rides.  After some research, we found that Dr. Jennifer at the Janesville Vet Clinic treated another Great Dane with positive results, so we decided to give her a try.

In just a few weeks, improvement was noticed!  She no longer cries in pain when she’s touched.  She can climb stairs and get on the couch and bed again.  Her brother, Little Bucky, enjoys that they can play together again too!

Arabelle Blu and Dr. Jennifer

I am so grateful Dr. Jennifer and her staff helped give Arabelle a better quality of life.  When I can’t be with her during an appointment, I’m very comfortable knowing she is being well taken care of.  Arabelle always appears very relaxed after her appointments.

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Happy Tail without mites